VenusJade Model: Charmin Brown

Available Now: Charmin Brown - Comic Book, Trading Cards and Poster

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Charmin Brown - Queen B Comic Book: $2.99


Charmin Brown - Trading Cards (8-Card Set): $3.99


Charmin Brown - 11x14 Glossy Poster Print: $14.99


Bio: I have been in the adult industry on and off for about 7 yrs or so.. I am eventually looking to shoot with a few more vid companies, that work with women of our size. Within the next year or so, I am looking to eventually have two sites, one adult, the other fetish under the company name of "ADULT CUISINE' which will be my new brand..with in the next year or so. I would like to be able to reach out my adult work in an over seas area but i know that will take time. I am hoping to at the exottica expo in nj this year in Edison Nj, where i can FINALLY meet the fans, and get more exposure. I currently work as a promoter /event hostess for local bbw parties, at certain small venues, and semi private parties. I want also to get the chance to branch out and do more spokes model work for sites via adult or bbw modeling for large scale events.

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Twitter: Sqzablysoft 

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