VenusJade Model: Spike Zombie

Available Now: Spike Zombie - Comic Book, Trading Cards and Poster

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Spike Zombie - Comic Book: $2.99


Spike Zombie - Trading Cards (8-Card Set): $3.99


Spike Zombie - 11x14 Glossy Poster Print: $14.99


I am crazy and weird, It does not get much more unique and odd than I. I have an amazing sense of humor and love meeting and talking to new people. I text a lot, So message me your number. Even though I tend to be a misanthrope, I love to help people, I know more pain than anyone I have met thus far, And I want to help heal pang and pain and alleviate some of a suffering souls. I have nothing to fear, And my one wish is to have love, I can easily tell when people want to use me, and I avoid these people. I love to do anything creative and hang out with new people! I have a terrible morbid past and rather not discuss it. My real name is Star. I hope to one day change the world and make society love bbws . I hope to make more clothes available to larger women and make all girls of all sizes look in the mirrors and feel gorgeous, it only takes on person, and one step.

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