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About: » Crystal – Alexis »
This plus sized fashionista does not let growing up in the small town of Cocoa, Florida deter her from her dreams, and is without a doubt, earning the label of being a “triple threat”. As a result of modeling professionally for six years, she has developed an unbelievable passion for evoking feeling through her artistic expressions in modeling, acting, and makeup artistry. In all of which she exhibits a unique sense of style that is all her own.
She prides herself on being BIG and BEAUTIFUL, both inside and out, and hopes to inspire others to love the skin they’re in… embrace it… own it… and LIVE OUT LOUD!!!
When she is not working at her craft, she's cooking, writing poetry, shoe shopping, or just spending some quality time with her loved ones.
Crystal’s motto: “Work HARD, play HARDER!”
Astrological sign: Virgo baby!!!
Favorite color: Green
Favorite midnight snack: Lucky Charms cereal, fresh fruit
Pet peeve: Unwrapped food in the refrigerator
When I’m having a bad day: I say a prayer then go shoe shopping #Shoe Addict
Secret confession: I accidently threw my check away one day and had to climb in a HUGE dumpster to find it. I felt so violated….LOL!
Interesting fact about me: I ball up my bread before I eat it….it just tastes better that way!
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