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About  Dana Baker I am an aspiring plus model who is from a small country town who grew up loving music, fashion, and pure entertainment. At the age of 11, I was writing my own poems/song & rapping. I also love doing spoken word. My mother would take me to modeling auditions and although I had the X factor, she never had enough money to pay for my portfolio pictures that I needed in order to take me to the next level. As a child, I was bullied by peers and felt unpretty but somehow the grown-ups convinced me how beautiful I really was. Thankfully now, I am very comfortable in my own skin, love taking pictures, and have this great bubbly personality. My confidence just seems to easily peek threw. lol. I take directions well and also pick up quickly. I love my curves and hope the world works harder to love them too (in general). All I ever wanted in life was to live out my dreams which was to model for Lane Bryant one day or become this big rap super star. lol I have recently been featured on Plus Model Magazine's facebook page which helped me to really kick that goal in high gear. I also won a model contest where I got to be a fit model for a day with Deb Shops Corporation. They almost gave me the job permanently but my bust area was 4 inches bigger then the requirements meet & I was never able to lose those inches in the two weeks time they needed me too:( But the experience helped inspire me to chase my dreams and go after what I really want to do in life. I just want to represent plus women in a beautiful sexy light because we represent the beauty of a woman as well:))))



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