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New Aspiring Model of The Week: Biana Rodriguez 

About  Biana Rodriguez : 

About myself I am more of a calm, patient, funny and a nice person I like interacting with others. My hobbies resently working out has become part of it during my spare time i either do cardio of strength training. I like to read certain books that captivate me or I either spend time doing sports either playing soccer, tennis, volleyball or softball.  One of my greatest passions is photography one day I would like to have my own potrait studio and do free lancing. I tried doing other careers but none suit me than having passion for what i like to do, I like to capture images that represents a true persons personality that describes them for who they are and happy they love themselfs is more of being an actual person an human being that feeling and emotions to me that represents a beautiful moment.  Im always up to trying new things . I like spending time with my friends and family when ever there is free time. But one thing about me I'm always loyal to those that are there for me. 



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